Holland st Productions has produced creative and innovative work to national and international acclaim. With multi-discipline ambitions, Holland St would like to provide more opportunities for professional West Australian performers to present exciting, unexpected and entertaining film and theatre works. Run by a talented but extremely small core team, Holland St Productions have  and continue to collaborate with artists, performers, designers, musicians and film makers to produce fun and engaging material. We want to develop our program and projects, create even more exciting work and improve our opportunities for emerging talent, but to make any of these ideas happen, we really need your support.


Your support could help us:

  • Produce new West Australian films

  • Produce new original theatre and musical works

  • Develop and enhance our touring program

  • Assist in submitions for international and national venues and awards


With any sponsorship arrangement we would offer a taylored combination of the following:

  • A number of free tickets to use over the year

  • A discount on tickets for your friends, family or loyal customers

  • Advertising in our programs, credits and at our events

  • Advertising on our website and social media


To find out how we can support one another, please send us an email!  holland.st.productions@gmail.com



If you loved our work and want to see more, or just feel the need to support the growth of theatre and film in WA, maybe you would consider throwing some money our way!


As a small company we all invest a lot of our own money into our projects and often our artists work for little or no reward except for our love and a bottle of wine. Any little bit of cash coming into our account will help us continue to produce work and hopefully start paying our artists!