From Brazilian to Botox and everything inbetween!

SKIN DEEP: A Clinically Proven Cabaret

In today’s world, aesthetically-based offences are considered especially heinous. The dedicated therapists who investigate these unsightly felonies are members of an elite squad – the Beautician’s Rescue Unit.

These are their stories…

A middle aged woman is anxious about her “overgrown undergrowth”. A domineering mother schemes to make her daughter the standout of the school ball. A Hollywood starlet considers dramatic facial surgery, while a manic lesbian tries frantically to keep all her lovers in line!

These stories, and more, form SKIN DEEP – a tongue-in-cheek peek into the nooks and crannies of the beauty industry. Featuring a selection of songs ranging from pop hits to rock anthems to musical theatre standards, SKIN DEEP is a funny and wildly entertaining cabaret about Beauty…what it is, and what we go through to get it!

SKIN DEEP premiered at Perth’s Fringe World Festival in 2015, where it was nominated for the Best Cabaret award, and returned for a successful second run at Fringe World 2016. The show has been re-developed and updated to tour regionally in 2017.


"As inspired as anything you’ll see at Fringe this year...had me laughing from the opening bars!" - Richard Hyde, Perth Theatre Reviews

"Creates ridiculous moments that are laugh-out-loud funny!" Julia Hern - Australian Stage Online

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CAST 2015: Grace Edwards, Lindsay McNab, Cynthia Fenton

(Pictured). Music by Timothy How

CAST 2016: Grace Edwards, Erin Hutchinson, Cynthia Fenton. Music by Timothy How

WRITTEN BY: Cynthia Fenton & Tyler Jacob Jones