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Becky Peterson
Fuck Decaf
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Becky Peterson Will Punch You In The Face

Written by:  Tyler Jacob Jones                                                              

Original Director:  Scott Corbett

Original Cast:  Kimberley Harris, Erin Hutchinson, Nicole LaBianca, Alicia Osyka, Verity Softly, Amy Welsh, 


“Sun Tzu says, “the supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting”. Well, you know what I say? I say f*** you, Sun Tzu” (Salmon Fisher, 10 years old)

Join Squad 109 of the Little Lady Leadership League through their endless scramble for power and control. Will the Celestia Birch Administration continue it’s tyranny for a sixth term, or will Salmon Fisher be able to fulfill her destiny and become squad leader?

The premiere development season was produced by The Cutting Room Floor at Heathcote Arts Centre, Applecross, 2015. The show also had an industry showing of a rehearsed staged reading in April 2016.

F*@k Decaf

Written by:  Tyler Jacob Jones

Original Director:  Scott Corbett

Original Cast:  Ann-Marie Biagioni, Amanda Watson, Jack Walker (replaced by Monty Sallur)


Kate is a party animal. She takes a long black and enjoys sexual conquests in Romania. Ruby is a serial relationship jumper, with a cappuccino in hand and a Disney-inspired view of romance. 
As different as they may be, the pair of best friends come to realise that they share a desperate and controlling addiction: love.


Produced by The Cutting Room Floor, F*@k Decaf has been performed at Mary Street Bakery (2014), Frisk. Small Bar (Fringe World 2015), Adelaide Fringe (2015), and for the You Are Here Festival in Canberra (2015).

Summer Of Our Lives

A paranoid young girl befriends a mysterious alien creature and inadvertently convinces

it that the world must be destroyed. A dark, contemporary musical comedy. Currently still in development. 

Written as part of the Black Swan Emerging Writers Group 2017. 

Joint winner of the Malcolm Robertson Foundation Award 2017.

Book & Lyrics: Tyler Jacob Jones

Music: Robert Woods

First Public Reading Featuring: Erin Hutchinson, William Groucutt, Christina Odam, Nick Maclaine, Taryn Ryan, Robert Woods

© 2015 Holland St Productions