A musical satire

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Book & Lyrics:  Tyler Jacob Jones                                                            

Music:  Robert Woods                                                                        

Directed by: Tyler Jacob Jones & Gemma Hall

Original Cast: Erin Hutchinson, Tyler Jacob Jones, Robert Woods & Tamara Woolrych


It is the year 2042. The film industry as we know it is dead; out of money and out of ideas. A has-been producer and an ambitious young screenwriter believe they've hit the jackpot when a mysterious femme fatale offers them the rights to a little-known 60s television show...a property they can use to revive mega-budget movie franchises! But turning the adventures of Selma the dutiful housewife into an action-packed blockbuster turns out to be an exercise fraught with danger, intrigue and various perils, with potentially apocalyptic consequences.

POINT & SHOOT is a multiple award winning, frenetic musical satire that sees four actors take on a plethora of roles, while simultaneously singing, dancing and accompanying themselves on a variety of musical instruments. For 75 madcap minutes the audience is plunged into a world of lightning-quick costume changes, increasingly ridiculous plot twists, showstopping musical numbers and the occasional explosion. It's musical theatre as you've never seen it before!