Homestyle Cabaret

Homestyle Cabaret is a series of intimate performances within the cosiness of a suburban living room. Each cabaret is uniquely themed and audience participation in games or dress-up parades is frequent!


Want to host your own HOMESTYLE CABARET? 


We are moving from our regular venue out into the wild world! Fans who want to hire or host a Homestyle Cabaret can choose one of our past themes or come up with a new one... 


                                 Some we'd love to do...





(date TBC): Gender Benders.

Sometimes Erin wishes she was a man.

Sometimes Tyler and Rob like to sing really high. They've discovered that they're not alone in their

fantasies of playing the opposite sex. They'll be

joined by some friends doing their favourite

gender-switch songs, and once again there will be 

prizes for best dressed!

(date TBC):  Make-Your-Own Jukbox Musical!

Ever wondered what Die Hard would sound like scored with music by Celine Dion?

What about Gone Girl The Musical: brought to you with the songs of Blondie?

And how does one pull off a large scale musical in a teeny living room!?!

We will be merging an existing film plot withthe songs of an artist of YOUR choice!

Suggestions of artists are still being accepted and you'll be able to vote shortly to choose your favourite!

Some of our past Homestyle Cabaret shows...

The Golden Age

A delightful evening of favourites from the classic musicals of the 40's and 50's, our line up had some stalwart comedy, soulful love ballads and show stopping group numbers.


                           Performed by Andrew                                  Baker, Erin Hutchinson,                                Breeahn Jones, Tyler Jacob                            Jones and Lindsay McNab.


Hottest Hits of 2015

The top 20 pop songs of 2015 were voted for by you, and we got our artists to put their own twist on their arrangements! Like-a-version Holland St Style! There was a Baroque 'Hoops', a belly dancing 'Uptown Funk', and another ear splitting recorder ensemble to name a few!


Performed by Alex Brittan, Erin Hutchinson, Tyler Jacob Jones, Keshet Kesh, Suzanne Kosowitz, Cass Kotchie, Verity Softly, Robert Woods


Hits From Flops

Featuring lesser-known musical theatre gems from the likes of Stephen Sondheim, Rodgers and Hammerstein, Kander & Ebb, Jason Robert Brown, William Finn, Cy Coleman, Ahrens & Flaherty and many more!


Performed by Andrew Baker, Grace Edwards, Joash Haines, Erin Hutchinson, Tyler Jacob Jones, Courtney Weaver.


Songs of The Simpsons

Putting the Spring in Springfield, this edition showcases our favourites from this longtime TV series.


Performed by Cicely Binford, Tim How, Erin Hutchinson, Tyler Jacob Jones, Jess Lally, Robert Woods.


Bond. James Bond.

An evening of the Bond theme songs, with a Holland St Twist! Our musicians perform their own versions of these classic songs, and entertainment included our very own Casino Royale!


Performed by Ann-Marie Biagioni, Alex Brittan, Timothy How, Erin Hutchinson, Tyler Jacob Jones, Verity Softly, Claire Taylor, Robert Woods


Summer Edition.

Set in a suburban backyard is our January showing of summer-themed performances, with some rock music to get your groove on, a musical theatre set and the usual fun and games.


Featuring Charlie D. Barkle, Cassandra Kotchie, Kira Morsley and the band Low Expectations.



A night of saucy songs and games, risqué and raunchy cabaret performances, bawdy burlesque and  our very own Bachelor competition!


Performed by Charlie D. Barkle, Ruby Delure, Timothy How, Erin Hutchinson, Breeahn Jones, Tyler Jacob Jones, Cassandra Kotchie, Lindsay McNab.

Featuring Drew Whitehead as The Bachelor.



A selection of much loved and lesser known Disney songs along with a good old fashioned Disney themed quiz and late night karaoke.


Performed by Kimberley Harris, Timothy How, Phoebe Jackson, Tyler Jacob Jones, Paul Spencer