Writer, Composer & Director:  Robert Woods

Original Cast:  Joshua Brant,Tessa Hutchinson, Phoebe Jackson, Alex Letchford, 

Siobhan McGinnity, Jordan Sibley. 

Band: Matt Austin, Danielle Chuo, Amberly Cull, Nicole Koch, Emily Minchin, Ichina Parker.

Enter the world of Hansel and Gretel, only this time it’s a little… different. Hansel is tired of being treated like a child, the Evil Witch just wants to be loved, and the Woodcutter wants out of the story completely. As the characters struggle to free themselves from the constraints of their story the Narrator tries desperately to stop the plot from spiraling out of control! 

This first collaboration between Mesh WA Youth Musical Theatre Company and Holland St Productions is an inventive new musical comedy complete with murder, mayhem and one very delicious house.

Delicious House